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3 Reasons Barrington, IL Is a Great Place to Raise a Family


Barrington is a suburb just outside of Chicago in Cook County and Lake County. The motto for this city is “a great place to live, work and play,” and – I don’t know about you – but that would give me a really good feeling about this place, even if I weren’t familiar with it. I think Barrington, IL is a great place to raise a family, and here are 3 big reasons why:

  1. Barrington, IL has great public schools

    Like most parents, the quality of the public schools in your area is at the forefront of your mind. Will your son or daughter get lost in a sea of students? Will teachers dismiss their questions? Will they go to a school where teachers would rather lie about test school than strive to help their students learn the material?

    Not in Barrington. Not only do the schools in Barrington have fantastic ratings, but there are also several schools for you to choose from.

    Barrington, IL Elementary Schools

    • Arnett C. Lines Elementary School
    • Countryside Elementary School
    • Grove Avenue Elementary School
    • Hough Street Elementary School
    • Roslyn Road Elementary School

    Barrington, IL Middle Schools

    • Barrington Middle School – Prairie Campus
    • Barrington Middle School – Station Campus

    Barrington, IL High Schools

    • Barrington High School
  2. The crime rating in Barrington, IL is low

    According to Niche, Barrington has had ZERO causes of assault or murder. There have been a few cases of theft as is the case with many suburbs around Chicago. Remember to lock up your cars, bring them into your garage and keep your doors locked. This is good advice no matter where you live though. Take solace in knowing that the violent crime rating is low in this area, making it more likely, historically speaking, that your kids will be safe if you move here.

  3. There are plenty of recreation activities in Barrington, IL to do with your family

    You don’t have to worry that moving out of the city will mean leaving all the family fun behind. There’s plenty of fun to be had in Barrington. Here are a few places that some of my clients enjoy attending.

    The Catlow Theater

    Although this theater plays movies, in the traditional sense, the atmosphere is unique to Barrington. If you’re looking for something quaint and low-key with comfortable seating, then this theater should be the next stop you make with your kiddos.

    Sanfilippo Place de la Musique

    A museum dedicated to different types of music. It’s a unique museum-going experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Any kid who loves music will have a blast here, so gather your kids and make a day of it.

    Makray Golf Course

    This location is everything you could possibly want in a golf course. There are both long and short holes, varying plain levels and varying levels of difficulty for players. Regardless of age, your kids can have a good time here.

If you also think Barrington sounds like a great place to raise a family, give me a call today at 847.971.0674 or send an email to rjames(at)askunique(dotted)com. We can discuss the amenities, location and pricing.