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4 Things to Remember When Moving to the Chicagoland Suburbs

Irish Pub in Chicago Neighborhood

Chicago is such a lively city where so many exciting things happen. You might be thinking about moving to one of its glorious suburbs, but have some reservations. Don’t worry – I’ll be your virtual tour guide this evening (or whatever time at which you’re reading this).

Here are 4 things to remember when moving to the Chicagoland suburbs:

  1. Moving out of the city doesn’t mean moving away from fun

    Sure, there are tons to do in the beautiful city of Chicago, but moving to the suburbs doesn’t mean hanging up your party hat (if you don’t want it to). Here are a few things you can do to have a good time in the suburbs surrounding Chi-town (in alphabetical order for your convenience):

    • Baker’s Lake Nature Preserve in Barrington
    • Chicago Treehouse in Lake Zurich
    • Cosley Zoo in Wheaton
    • Crabtree Nature Center in Barrington
    • Downtown Palatine Street Fest in Palatine
    • Escape for Fun in Wheaton
    • Haunted Hometown Ghost Tours
    • Mastermind Escape Games in Schaumburg
    • No Escape in Buffalo Grove
    • Paulus Park in Lake Zurich
    • Pirate’s Cove Childrens’ Theme Park in Elk Grove Village
  2. There are some amazing public schools in the Chicagoland suburbs

    I mean, there are a lot of amazing schools in the suburbs. If you were having reservations about moving out to Barrington or Wheaton because you thought your kid would have a subpar learning experience, think again.

    Here are the top schools in Chicago suburbs

    Top 10 Elementary Schools in Chicago Suburbs

    1. Middle Primary School
    2. MacArthur International Spanish Academy
    3. Sunset Ridge School
    4. Shabonee School
    5. Enders-Salk Elementary School
    6. Hoover Math and Science Academy
    7. Thomas Dooley Elementary School
    8. Fairview Elementary School
    9. Orchard Place Elementary School
    10. Everett Dirksen Elementary School

    Top 10 High Schools in Chicago Suburbs

    1. Proviso Math and Science Academy
    2. New Trier High School
    3. John Hersey High School
    4. Glenbrook South High School
    5. William Fremd High School
    6. Evanston Township High School
    7. Rolling Meadows High School
    8. Glenbrook North High School
    9. Prospect High School
    10. James B. Conant High School
  3. Chicagoland suburb traffic is less intense

    Unless you work in Chicago-proper, there’s no need to endure the hassle of Chicago traffic if you don’t absolutely have to. There’s likely real estate open and available near your place of work. Add a few years to your life by getting out of the stress highway that is traffic.

  4. Real estate is more affordable in the Chicagoland suburbs

    In the city of Chicago, open and available real estate is hard to come by, which means that the prices of houses that are available are sky high. (That rhyme was unintentional, but I offer no apologies.) In the Chicagoland suburbs though, there’s more space, less competition and more affording housing.

    Don’t get stressed or pressured to choose anything that’s not your dream home: Choose a home in the suburbs.

If you’re ready to make a decision and find the home of your dreams one of the Chicagoland suburbs, give me a call – Rory James at 847.971.0674 or send an email to rjames(at)askunique(dotted)com