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5 Cook County Suburbs Where You Can Find the Best Schools


It’s already hard enough to think about which schools are best for you children without having to also think about which suburbs are the best ones to move to. That’s why I did the research and combined the top Cook County Suburbs with the top schools in the Chicago area to create the list below. No more opening a bajillion tabs – all the information you’re looking for is in one place for your convenience.

Here are 5 Cook County suburbs where you can find the best schools:

  1. Buffalo Grove

    Buffalo Grove is known as one of the best Chicago suburbs to move to if you have a family, and it’s easy to see why with Buffalo Grove High School being listed as one of the best schools in the Chicago area. This city also has decent diversity, a nightlife that will keep things interesting and low crime ratings.

  2. Hickory Hills

    The Cook County suburb of Hickory Hills offers Glen Oaks Elementary School as its best school, one of the top 20 elementary schools in Chicago. Hickory Hills is a quiet town, where you can enjoy the sensation of hearing your own thoughts, something that’s difficult to do in the city. The houses are evenly spaces and the up-keep is always up to date, so you know your neighborhood will always be beautiful.

  3. Hoffman Estates

    Hoffman Estates is one of the Cook County suburbs where everything seems to work out. Just look at the long list of top-rated schools you have to choose from in this city:

    • MacArther International Spanish Academy
    • Fairview Elementary School
    • Lakeview Elementary School
    • Lincoln Prairie School
    • James B. Conant High School
    • Hoffman Estates High School

    Not only can you rest easy knowing that your children are going to some of the best schools available to them, but you can also enjoy fun recreational activities in the area, a low crime rate and a diverse neighborhood.

  4. Northfield

    Northfield is a Cook County suburb that is home to three of the top schools in Chicago:

    • Middlefork Primary School
    • Sunset Ridge School
    • New Trier High School

    Northfield is also a relatively safe area, where a resident recently stated that most of the calls to the police are related to medical emergencies, not crimes. This is a quiet town with plenty of meal options and clean parks where your children can play.

  5. Schaumburg

    Schaumburg is another winning Cook County suburb when it comes to your children’s accessibility to grade-A schools. In addition to Schaumburg High School, your children can also attend one of many elementary schools, such as

    • Enders-Salk Elementary School
    • Hoover Math and Science Academy
    • Thomas Dooley Elementary School
    • Everett Dirksen Elementary School
    • Elizabeth Blackwell Elementary School
    • Michael Collins Elementary School

    Count ‘em: That’s six top schools that are located in Schaumburg. This town also has ample nightlife options for you to choose from and a diverse neighborhood where many different types of people feel welcome and safe.

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