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5 Reasons Its Easy to be Green in the Forest Preserve District


Going green is one of the only things we can do as mere mortals to save the world – but it’s a lot easier said than done. It’s usually too easy to lump your recycling in with your trash, wrack-up on the paper towels and crank the air conditioning. But in the Forest Preserve District, being green is easy!

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. All the nature with inspire you to be green in the Forest Preserve District

    It’s easy to be green if you feel inspired to be. Basking in the wonders of the Great Outdoors can get you in the mindset to be green. In the Forest Preserve District, there are parks for picnics, trails for hiking, jogging or biking and lakes for fishing and boating.

  2. Public transportation goes to the Forest Preserve District

    If you’re not driving and using up limited gas, then you’re helping the environment. You don’t even have to use gas to get to the Forest Preserve District, which means that you’re going green before you even get there. That’s how easy it is to be green in the Forest Preserve District.

  3. The Nature Center Rules will help keep you in check

    If you’re wondering if something you want to do might hurt the environment, just follow the Nature Center Rules at the Forest Preserve District. Besides telling you where to appropriately store your bike or how many people should be included in your picnic, it also tells you leave glassware at home, not to litter on trails and not to collect things that you find in the preserve. Nature belongs in nature!

  4. The Forest Preserve District educates about nature

    When you know more about nature, you know more about what might hurt it and how to avoid doing those things. The Forest Preserve District is a site at which teachers can educate their students about nature. Teachers take their students on field trips to the preserve or go on “education adventures.” Students can also join a group called the Mighty Acorns, in which they can visit the preserve, and continue their nature learning, three times a year.

  5. Volunteering at the Forest Preserve District helps you be green

    If you sign up to be a volunteer at the Forest Preserve District, you’ll learn a number of trades that you can take with you out into the “real” world. There are a number of different types of volunteer groups that you can join. Here they are in all their glory:

    • Adopt-a-site
    • Ecological stewardship
    • Groups
    • Monitors
    • Trail Watch
    • Nature Center Volunteers

    Some other volunteer opportunities at the Forest Preserve District include “Field Plant ID & Hikes,” “FPCC Regional Ecology Gatherings,” “Leadership Opening: Aspiring Stewardship Workday Leader” and “Little Red Schoolhouse – Art Fair Event Volunteer.”

If you’re hoping to move close to the Forest Preserve District or to a place where being green is easy, give me a call at 847.971.0674 or send an email to rjames(at)askunique(dotted)com. I already have a few places in mind for you.