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Tips and Tricks for Staging your Luxury Home

Beautiful living room interior in new luxury home

For luxury homes, home staging means more than just making a house sellable. It is also about bringing to life an entire experience to attract an audience of discriminating buyers.

If you’re putting your high-end residence on the market, we suggest the following tips to make your property stand out through effective staging:

  1. Get the basics out of the way

    First things first: take care of the quick-fix changes. Tasks like decluttering and depersonalizing, brightening up living spaces, and boosting curb appeal are staging essentials that apply to all types of homes, luxury and otherwise.

    Read more about simple and low-cost staging tips here.

  2. Work with a professional stager

    You want to earn top dollar for your luxury home, so work with the pros. Professional stagers offer the knowledge, experience, resources, and even connections to create and implement a compelling home staging design. Professional staging is more an investment than an expense. The service will improve your chances of selling high and fast.

  3. Learn how to catch your market’s attention

    Identify buyer and homeowner demographics in your area: Is it an empty-nester community? Are there schools nearby that make the home appealing to families? Knowing who your potential buyers are will help you and your stager craft a coherent and effective staging design.

  4. Add sophisticated focal points and rich details

    While basic staging principles recommend neutral colors and minimal décor, a luxury home may require you to give your living spaces the benefit of having a focal point that keeps buyers interested and engaged. Take the following, for example:

    • Original art pieces

      Artwork can be incorporated into a carefully planned staging design. Consult with your stager on designs and styles that will complement, rather than distract from your theme.

      Art galleries or local artists may agree to lease original pieces to showcase homegrown talent. Ask your agent if he or she has contacts within your community. Some luxury professional stagers keep a portfolio handy for clients’ use.

    • Accents, textures, and shapes

      An all-white or all-neutral living space may look dull and sterile. A pro will use textures, patterns, shapes, or a bold accent wall to add a jolt of excitement to a subdued staging design. If you’re staging the home yourself, remember to keep the highlights simple and consistent with your overall theme.

    • Fabrics and layers

      Crisp, white linens or designer fabrics can highlight the luxe vibe in your bedrooms. Even just padding up your beddings with an extra comforter will work wonders – this makes your beds look fluffier and more irresistible!

  5. Shine the spotlight on your luxury amenities

    Set up the high-def home theater. Buff the spa-style bathrooms to a sparkle. Have snacks and cold drinks ready at the intricately landscaped patio. Tidy up the four-car garage.

    Showcase all the bells and whistles of your home to demonstrate its full potential. If possible, maintain a consistent theme throughout the residence to emphasize the lifestyle, instead of individual experiences. This will convince your buyer that your luxury home is greater than the sum of its parts.

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