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Got Out-of State Guests? Take Them to These Top Spots Around Illinois

Family Looking at Camel Rock Garden of the Gods Illinois

The great thing about Illinois is that there is always something to suit everyone’s tastes. Whether your interest lies in history, nature, or simply walking about and exploring, there’s bound to be a sight to see or a place to visit. Here are a few of the very best places you can take out-of-state guests when they come over for a visit.

  1. Anderson Japanese Gardens

    This 12-acre garden is touted to be one of the most authentic Japanese gardens in the United States. It’s the perfect place for a quiet, family-friendly afternoon getaway. Their rock gardens come replete with cooling waterfalls and ornate bridges. There’s a tea house where you can experience the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Prices are very affordable too!

  2. Sears Tower

    No visit to Illinois will be complete without a visit to the Sears Tower in Chicago, now referred to as the Willis Tower. The breathtaking views of the city from its world-renowned Skydeck make it one of the must-visit sites in the state.

    Located on the tower’s 103rd floor, the Skydeck features retractable glass balconies that extend out from the building. At a bewildering 1,353 feet above South Wacker Drive, it’s not for the faint of heart. To those brave enough, however, it presents amazingly unique photo opportunities.

  3. Shawnee National Forest

    Located in Southern Illinois, this national forest is over 280,000 acres of carefully preserved federal land. For the truly adventurous, this means over 400 miles of trails to hike and explore.

    This area represents the very best that Illinois has to offer in terms of sheer natural beauty. That is best highlighted by Burden Falls. Hailed as being the tallest in the entire state, it’s just one of many natural wonders, which also includes the Little Grand Canyon. One can easily get lost in the beautiful mix of lush forests, sheer bluffs, and lakes. Make sure to also check out the Garden of the Gods.

  4. Charters of Freedom Monuments

    These three monuments celebrate the birth of the United States as a nation. Located in Jacksonville, these are beautiful reproductions of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights set in limestone. Surrounding these monuments is the quaint town of Jacksonville where visitors can enjoy a bit of ol’ Midwestern hospitality, local diners, mom and pop shops, and so much more.

    Illinois has much to offer residents and visitors alike. It’s a State with a rich history, diverse natural wonders, and a culture of its own. From museums and historic attractions to entertainment centers and crowd-favorite pizza places, there’s more to Illinois than meets the eye. Experience the best the state has to offer, because there is so much more to explore and discover here!

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